April 9, 2007

Why I Love The Internet

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From: Stephen Lamb
To: jpoundstone
Date: Apr 6, 2007 6:21 PM
Subject: Jeffrey Overstreet / Bill Frisell


I found your website after reading Jeffrey Overstreet's book where he
quotes you about music healing "a million little broken things you didn't even know needed attention." I wanted to tell you that I love that quote and agree with it 100%.

I work in the music industry in Nashville, and this week I got to do some work for a concert Bill Frisell played with the Nashville Chamber Orchestra's String Quartet. After the concert last night, I told him about your quote, and he loved it. He said he wanted to see the quote and drawing, so I just sent him the link to it on Flickr.

Here's my blog post where I wrote about it after reading that chapter in Jeffrey's book: http://www.jslweb.com/blog/?p=112.

Stephen Lamb

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