March 8, 2005

Return Of Spring Collaborative Coloring Book Is Here!

Return Of Spring Collaborative Coloring Book Is Here!
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It's here!! The "Return of Spring" Collaborative Coloring Book has arrived, and it is *so* fun! Another huge thanks to everyone who sent in pictures. Now for fun round 2: anyone who's intrested in receiving a copy of the coloring book just send me a note and I'll send it to you (it's a PDF file). In exchange, color one of the pictures, post the colored version on your site, and add a link in the comments section of this entry. Fun awaits...


Maggie said...

Thanks for the colouring book! I've coloured in the title page, you can find it here:

Sorry I went over the edges a bit!

Maggie said...

Next picture. Havin fun just playing with colour.

kelli ann said...

we had fun last night colouring some of the pages in the Spring! book

and there are 3 photos on my blog ;-)

haven't done any colouring *just for fun* in ages, i was happy to use the pencil crayons that i had bought 2 months ago for my craft/colour workshop! i am going to bring (blank) copies of the book to 3 caf├ęs that we go to regularly, i love the drawings, cheers