September 16, 2005


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Random thoughts on turning into a mom:

I will be a parent every single second of every single day, Lord willing, for the rest of my life. No breaks.

Pregnancy’s most life-altering effect has been the way it’s messing with time. Everything is moving toward one life-changing event: the birth. It’s like the longest countdown ever.

During pregnancy, everyone’s attention is on the mom. Once the baby is born, it’s all about the baby. This may be tough to take.

The baby is so close to me and the rest of the world – just a few layers of skin and muscle away. But she might as well be on another planet. It's very hard to imagine what she's seeing and hearing and feeling and tasting and smelling, or what she might possibly be thinking or sensing.


Marketing man said...
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Stephanie said...

So good to read another post from you! A girl? How exciting!

I love the picture, but I love the way you capture some true realities of motherhood. I will say that by the end of the pregnancy you are usually ready for the attention to be on the baby (at least, I eventually got sick of all the attention). It's like: finally! pay attention to someone else! :)

PS: I think Blogger has some kind of feature that forces commenters to enter in a code so that you don't get spam comments.

Wladziu said...

Congratulations for your baby, i'm recent parent too of cute one year old baby. But it's not the reason why i post a comment, i post you a comment because i've surprised that one of your favorite film is "La promesse" from de Dardennes Brothers : what a good choice ! Belgium made great films and an american notice that.

Take care of your baby and you should continue your drawings.